As you can see in the picture I’m here now to talk about why I chose National Geographic Travel Books.

  1. It is easy to access: It is a well-tried brand so you can find it in almost every bookstore and in several languages.
  2. Clear: It is pretty easy to use. You’ll find explanations how to deal with these books inside and well-formed sections of each part of these cities.
  3. Tiny: As you can see in the photo it is small so you can carry it easily.
  4. Photos: Obviously it has a great amount of beautiful pictures. Everyone knows about National Geographic and their photos so there is no page without these features.
  5. Maps: It has a huge map of the city on the 1st page and a transit map on the last page which is very useful. You do not need to use your phone to navigate. It is designed for walking tours so at the beginning of each section you’ll find more detailed maps. I promise you’ll never be lost with the help of these!

The Walking series books so far: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice and Washington, D.C.

Why don’t I use other guidebooks?

  1. I think other brands have too much information inside and they’re boring and demotivating since I go somewhere to get to know that particular city. I would recommend these ones for those who like to read about it rather than experience it.
  2. —>They’re full of information that is why there are just a few photos. AND the quality of the pictures are not as good as the NG ones.
  3. They’re not as clear as they should be. It is a mess. They tell you: You should go there, oh and there as well, but don’t forget that one…There is no logic…

…At least for me. I mean I’m not here to sell these books. I’m not working for NG…BUT take my advice about guidebooks:

Choose one brand and stick to it. Trust me it is chaos to use different types…and don’t forget to buy the NG Walking series…just kidding! 🙂



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