1. Organize: You need to be prepared. There are so many things to see. You need to choose where and when to go. It can be nerve-racking when you don’t even know what that thing you see is. Or which museum to go. Or where can you find the Capitoline Wolf…
  2. Sit down Charge: Do not sit down for a coffee! They charge you around 0.90 € for an espresso if you take it away. If you dare to sit down it is around 2 €. So 1 € for your comfort…It’s just good to know.
  3. Stay till closing hours: I would recommend to go to attractions – especially to the Colosseum – around late hours and stay till closing time. The reason is that the crowd’s not going to be there. Everyone thinks that they should go early in the morning so everyone is there at early times and at the end of day just a few people wander around.
  4. Beat the crowds at the Colosseum: There are horrible lines at the Colosseum. Do not wait there! Go to the Palatine Hill entrance on Via Di San Gregorio which is 5 minutes from the Colosseum and get your tickets there. No one’s going to be there! Literally, NO ONE…These tickets are always for Palatino, Foro Romano and the Colosseo. You need to exit the Roman Forum before entering the Colosseum but do not worry you’ll have your tickets and nothing’s going to stand in your way to go inside.
  5. No need to book in advance at Galleria Borghese: Long before we went to Rome I found out that Galleria Borghese is a must-see. I am a huge fan a Bernini’s work so I knew we must go there. My travel book and other internet sources said you need to reserve tickets in advance. I kept it in my but eventually I forgot about it so we went there with no pre-booked tickets. I must highlight that it was fairly early in the morning (10 am.) and we got tickets immediately. (At Galleria Borghese you can spend around 1 hour because they limit visiting time.) After we left the beautiful museum around 11-12 am. we saw a HUGE line before the entrance so do not go there without tickets after 11 am.! Note: The tickets are expensive anyway but if you pre-book you’ll have to pay plus 2 € booking fee for each…
  6. Beat the crowds in Vaticano: Vatican City is about a half day-day tour. You’ll need to go to the Vatican Museums first. Why is that? Because from the St. Peter’s Basilica you cannot go to the Vatican Museums just if you go all the way back to the entrance of the museum (warning: huge line!) which is closer to the metro station. Yes. This time you need to use some public transportations. Why? You go early, you don’t wait too much – maximum an hour – in the line which gets bigger and bigger in time (I’m talking about kilometres here…) and after the museums you get to the Sistine Chapel which leads to the St. Peter’s Basilica. Great, huh? If you see photos of the lines in front of the Museums and you’ll never want to go there – I don’t understand you – but you want to go Basilica di San Pietro – again – do not wait there. Another huge line. All you need to do is find the ticket office (somewhere at the right side of the Basilica) for the cupola. There’s going to be a line as well but a teeny-tiny one. You get a breath-taking view from the top and when you come down you find yourself in the Basilica.
  7. Fontana di Trevi after dark: It is truly a masterpiece. Bernini’s Trevi Fountain is huge and best to view after dark. Actually please see it at daytime and night time as well. Less people are there after 9 pm. and not to mention the lighting which makes it extraordinary. I can’t explain it in words so please go see it (and throw some coins into it).
  8. When it comes to eating, eat like a local: Obviously there are several great restaurants in Rome. Do not ruin the Italian feeling with McDonalds or British pubs…Go a bit far from the attractions and you’ll find cheaper and better restaurants. Even look for a small family run place! Eat pizza, pasta, gelato, and the best of Italy.
  9. Just wander around: Beside your organised programs you should wander around. Every attractions, museums are closed around 7-8 pm. so you get some free time to get lost, get to know local people or just stroll beside the river. Everyone needs some time to forget about the lines, ticket prices and thought-provoking artefacts. Just relax and enjoy the beauty of The Eternal City.
  10. Comfy shoes: We spent 5 days in Rome and we walked around 70 kilometres. So one of the most important things to take to Rome are comfortable shoes. Get some hiking sandals! Your schedule/life will depend on this. Your feet will hurt badly after a long day even in comfy sandals BUT the “recovery” – I mean when you sit down for a rest – is going to take less time with comfy shoes.

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