• 1. Head

“At the most beloved village on the north coast of Lake Balaton, Paloznak a winery called Homola Pinceszet – this year for the sixth time – organizes a festival each year: Paloznak Jazz Picnic. The event started out small, now it’s a three-day long festival with four stages, and twenty concerts. From 2015 it became a stalwart of Nagyon Balaton (a series of events around Lake Balaton – the editor).” – A briefing from the organizers.

Analysis: A statement of ourselves naturally contains some trump-kind superlatives. Unfortunately, this statement – was possibly true for last year – for this year was not true at all. The north coast’s “most beloved” village has been occupied by snobs and parvenu companies. In the „most beloved” village VIP guests are transported by Audi jeeps and sponsored presents – from Erste Bank – are drawn at the main stage every day. At the stalls you can buy (‘notsogood’ – even bad) hamburgers for 10 euros and for this price you can also buy a bottle of wine. For those who enjoyed themselves in this milieu can also listen to some „Background Music” („I don’t mind if it’s Martin Garrix or Incognito.”). We can see that this „most beloved” village and picnic became a bit of a consume festival.

In spite of it I need to state that it could be good. If you think it is just shit you’re wrong. For example when they speak of Nazism they don’t say that „if that wouldn’t happen it would have been okay/good”. But this Jazz Picnic has a potential and it could be a high quality festival. They just need to get rid of unnecessary glaze. They should use a spatula to get those kinds of people leave as they do with the head of a beer. And now we can talk about what is beneath the head.

(Before that: At the stalls the only thing you can pay by is card. You can choose the amount of the tip on an IPad screen. There is no waiter/waitress of course but that is not the purpose of the tip. [Good idea from the organizers.] The 10, 20 or 25 percent tip is for the people in the waiting line so they can know how beau you are or how big is your purse. We should call it: „How long is your dick” indicator. As Marx said: “Thus, what I am and am capable of is by no means determined by my individuality [but money]” and “Money is the alienated ability of mankind.”)

  • 2. Life beneath the head

I need to be fair there are some positive things as well: They get names like: Kool & the Gang, Mezzoforte, Incognito and the bests of Hungarian musicians. This is the only festival where we can get good music and nothing else. It is really cozy to sit on your blanket, listen to good music and just chill. Or dance like crazy to Kool & the Gang (as we did). And it is – obviously – next to Lake Balaton. Which is the Hungarian Sea, right?

I’ll write a more precise version of all of this…some day.



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